Rescue’s Triumph: Abandoned and Chained Puppy, Patsy, Finds Freedom and Care in Heartwarming Turnaround

The puppy had some health problems, but she was very playful 🐶🥹

A puppy named Patsy was abandoned by her owners and they also chained her at their home.

An animal rescue group received a call about a poor puppy, that was chained up.

And the rescue’s creator Eldad Agar told, that she was left all alone and luckily was fed and watered by her neighbors, who heard her barking.

They didn’t release her, as they considered she might flee and be struck by a car.

The puppy was absolutely happy for the rescuers and eagerly ate the food they gave her.

Patsy was absolutely overjoyed after being released from the metal chains.

Patsy was taken to the Costa Rica dog rescue and was treated there for her flea and tick infestation.

And the following day she was examined by the vet and she turned out to be awfully ill with ehrlichiosis.

The puppy was very playful, although she needed a quick hospitalization.

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