Kindness can change the world. The shelter worker comforted the doggie by the most unusual way

There are many skilled and attentive workers doing their jobs in the shelters 🐶❤️👩

Humans, who work in shelters are especially kind and responsible people, who see their job as a calling. And today’s story and video are about such a situation. The adorable doggie named Prissy was found all alone and was living a poor and lonely life, but fortunately, everything changed for the better.

Some people found her and took to the Conway Area Humane Society and there she immediately became loved and cared.

And the manager of the shelter went to check on the puppy and saw a touching scene.

She saw her coworker laying on the floor next to the puppy. She was resting there with the puppy and also cuddled her.

Humans consider shelters to be the worst place for animals, but such caring workers of the shelters prove, that there’s still hope until such kind-hearted workers care for the animals.

The manager told, that usually humans consider, that shelters are bad places and workers are treating animals awfully. But in reality there are a lot of shelters, that are absolutely safe and cozy places for animals.

The skilled and attentive staff took care of the animals of the shelter until they are happily adopted.

Debra also admits, that there are shelters where animals have limited time to find homes.

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