The Woman Lost Her Dog and No Longer Hoped to Find Him and She Saw Him on TV after 3 Years

Lucy Fraustro had a Pit Bull dog. When the owner obtained the doggy she realized that he was special. His large white head seemed disproportionate to the body and the so-called “smile” was very broad. But this unique feature only added charm to the puppy. But Lucy’s happiness was short. In 2015 she went out into the yard to feed the dogs and found that Dodger had disappeared breaking the heart of his mistress.

In October 2015 the woman lost a pitbull named Dodger.

Lucy immediately began to search the dog very actively. She informed her friends and family members who helped to distribute the flyers and advertisements. Lucy also visited all the shelters that were nearby.

After two months of searching the woman became very desperate. However she had no idea that the day would come when she would see Dodger again.

Three years after the cutie’s disappearance Lucy saw the dog on TV and immediately recognized his favorite pet.

One day when she was watching the local morning show which is called “Good Morning Los Angeles” she noticed that they featured a snippet of dogs seeking shelter. One of the heroes turned out to be a pit bull named Butler. Lucy tells that when she saw him on the screen she screamed, “Oh my God! It’s Dodger! This is my dog! Oh my God!” The woman opened the website of the Best Friends Animal Society about which they talked in the show and she found there a photo of a pit bull for whom they were looking for a home.

Comparing the photo of the dog she saw on TV and the missing one Lucy realized that she had to go to the shelter. And she wasn’t mistaken.

Dodger was known as Butler at the orphanage and he was adored there. Moreover they even found an owner for him a month before these events but he couldn’t get along with the landlord and returned the dog. As you can see everything happened for the best.

Lucy tells that she cried when she saw her dog.

So, the dog found a new old home just a few hours after the broadcast.

Dodger left the orphanage happily “not even looking back” according to the employee of the orphanage. At first he was embarrassed but he got used to the already forgotten life with this family rather quickly. Everyone is very happy and everything is like a fairy tale now!

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