«The brightest, the most passionate and the most adorable». Monica Bellucci’s new photo captivated the whole Internet

She can be deservedly attributed to the idols  😳😍

The Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci continues to be an idol of beauty and attractiveness. Even at the age of 57, the star continues to stun the whole world with her amazing appearance.

Everyone admires her and she remains the prettiest, brightest and loveliest of all time. During her career she has gained popularity throughout the world and has been loved by many.

Although the star does not always manage to attract her followers with her cool photos because of her busy routine, her recent post stunned everyone.

She sits on a sofa and poses attractively. Her tight dress highlights her pretty body and she looks gorgeous in it.

Her fans expressed their admiration for her beauty and charm, saying that even at the age of 57 she attracts the hearts of many.

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