«One of the hundred people on our planet!»: This is how the unique girl with a rare syndrome has changed

The girl born with the «uncombable hair» syndrome celebrates her 12th birthday 🥹🤗

Here is Shayla who was born on April 22, 2010 in Australia. Initially, she was like all her peers and was no different from the others. However, over time her parents noticed that something was wrong.

As the time passed, her mother could comb her hair with difficulty and at some point others started to laugh at her in the kindergarten. When she turned 4, the parents could do nothing but to visit a doctor since they had no other choice.

The girl soon understood that she was unique. It is worth mentioning that she is one of those hundred people on the Globe who are registered with this rare syndrome.

The doctors diagnosed her with the «uncombable hair» syndrome that causes her hair to look like a triangle and grow extremely thick.

Soon, the entire world knew about Shayla and many magazines started to write about her. She started to gain even more popularity over the years and have more followers on social media.

Her popularity grew at an unsustainable rate and she was even invited to various talk shows. Even some advertising agencies wanted to collaborate with her.

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