Anonymous Benefactor Rescues Animals: Unknown Samaritan’s Generous Contribution Brings Hope to California Shelter

Have you ever heard about a donation like this? 🥹🤗

No one knew the man, who gave 8000$ in cash to the shelter in California. He was considered to be incognito and rescued many animals.

The shelter staff was amazed by seeing their contribution box full. An unknown person made a contribution of 8000$ in twenty-dollar notes.

This money will help save many animals lives, that live at the shelter. And the animals living at the shelter are almost 12000.

One of the workers of the shelter told, that the donation became a true blessing for them.

They shared the story of a man, who donated 8000$ and clearly saved many animals’ lives on their Facebook and wanted to find him. It became a new chance for all the animals, that were living at the shelter.

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