«She appears older than her age». 55-year-old Julia Roberts was captured by the paparazzi on vacation

The effects of time have become visible on her appearance 😳🤔

Julia Roberts, who was an icon of beauty and charm in her early years, now has lost her former gloss and attractiveness and looks aged.

In her case, age has affected her appearance and she doesn’t look as pretty as she looked before.

But the celebrity has never turned to plastic surgeons for maintaining her youthful appearance. She has chosen to age naturally and accepts herself as she is.

Now the star is 55 and her recent photos taken by the paparazzi caused discussions among netizens.

Of course, opinions were different: many people think she doesn’t take care of her appearance, so looks older than her actual age, while others appreciate her natural beauty and are delighted with her modest look.

Let’s remember that Julia is not young anymore, so looking in this way at the age of 55 is quite normal. Many people would dream to have such a nice and youthful appearance.

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