Loyal Dog Saves Child’s Life: A Heroic Act of Canine Intelligence and Devotion

Dogs are very intelligent and loving especially towards babies  🐶🤗

Duke has become a true hero for many people around the world. He managed to save the baby’s life. The Brousseau family took Duke almost six years ago. They knew about his unusual qualities and her important mission in their lives.

The dog always behaved calm and relaxed, but one night he had an unusual behavior. He went into his owners’ room and started shaking frantically until he managed to wake them up.

It was very odd for Duke’s owner Jenna Brousseau, as Duke is always very calm.

And the woman immediately understood something was wrong. The dog guided them into their daughter’s room, who wasn’t breathing.

Jenna immediately called the ambulance and they managed to save the girl’s life. Then she was transported to the hospital and now she is fine.

Jenna told, that thanks to Duke they woke up and saved the girl’s life. He is a perfect dog and we are fortunate to own him.

Many people consider dogs are very intelligent animals and this story demonstrated, that they are also excellent child guardians.

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