“Divine white raven” cared for on Vancouver Island after being found emaciated and hurt

This summer is a remarkable time for the workers of North IslandWildlife Recovery Centre on Vancouver Island, Canada, as they have the possibility to host an absolutely distinguished guest: a blooming bird, that has been titled the “divine white raven”. A little animal was found on the ground in the Oceanside area in May and was taken to the centre by an affectionate citizen. 

It’s very sad, that the the weak raven was really in a bed condition. It was emaciated, hurt and couldn’t fly.  

According to the animal care technician Derek Downes, this bird isn’t a real albino. It has a little melanin in his body and that’s why it looks like an albino.  

But the lack of melanin seriously influences leucitic birds’ health, particularly their immune system. Usually they don’t live long.  

“They are an intensely exceptional mutation, well studied in the area of Parksville Qualicum Beach, and that’s why they have been called the divine white ravens”-said Downes. “Usually they don’t live long. They have ruined immune system, and we’re trying really hard to have some success with this one.” 

 As Downes said, this team is forcing the bird to eat, as it rejects to feed by himself. They give it many antibiotics and vitamins, in the hope, that he would make a progress. 

It’s the first time for Downes to take care of the raven and he admits, that it’s “a really fascinating moment.” Fortunately, the successful bird is recovering with the help of Downes and his workers. 

“The bird is really doing well. It has completed  its second course of antibiotics and reacted them sensationally. All the infections in his body have blown over.” 

It goes very slowly, but they hope, that the white raven will return to wildlife soon. 

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