The family had been missing their pet for over three months, then they got the most awaited call

Miracles really do happen! 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

Pet owners will understand what means to lose your beloved pet, who is your essential part and without whom you just can’t imagine your life.

Once the lovely dog of this kind guy got lost. He was playing in the yard and suddenly disappeared. No one noticed him and nothing was known about him for over three months.

The heartbroken owner searched for his beloved pet everywhere, but he didn’t succeed for a long time. And one day he got a call from a stranger…

It turned out that during that time his dog was found by a kind man, who looked after him perfectly. As soon as he saw his picture on social media and was informed that he was missing, he immediately contacted with his owner.

Luckily, they were reunited again.

Watch the touching video of their reunion below:

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