The blessed American photographer films the glorious Icelandic horses living there once visiting the land

These Icelandic horses’ extraordinary charm and uniqueness deeply attracted the photographer

Like wildlife and sandy beaches, Iceland also has such admirable and fabulous landscapes that would leave unexceptionally anyone speechless. Yet it is not only the charm and uniqueness of landscapes, but also the wonderful creatures dwelling there, and among them are glorious and majestic Icelandic horses whom you have barely ever seen before! This talented photographer from New York, after having heard about the extraordinary and absolute beauty of the Iceland, had decided to visit the land and in this footage we can see the blessed photographer with those majestic horses being not far from him. The man was absolutely impressed and attracted by the uniqueness and charm of this faraway place and that definitely was a kind of an experience he is going to always bear in mind. Except for the distinctive beauty the land offers its visitors, it always embraces some symbolic meaning and historical sights. Even the photographer was, unfortunately, able to stay in this miraculous place for a short time, he succeeded in capturing the photoshoot which made everyone admire the beauty and gloriousness of those creatures as well as the extraordinary talent of the wildlife photographer. He added they actually belonged to one of the rarest breeds discovered on our planet. And, misfortunately, they sometimes face extreme climate in Iceland. Furthermore, the waterfalls are really loud. Despite all these obstacles, the majestic horses were calm-minded and tender making absolutely everyone, especially the photographer adore them. You also have an opportunity to witness their uniqueness and perfect beauty that definitely seems something out of this world!

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