«Too far from being perfect». Failed pictures of several celebrities that caused the displeasure of netizens

Fans are really disappointed with these photos 😱😳

Now we present to you some photos of celebrities whom you consider to be icons of beauty and charm. But now take a breath and look at their photos that will blow your mind.

They are too far from being perfect in these photos, and that’s because no one can be flawless, because they’re all human, like us, and they can’t always be in form.

We are used to seeing them in gorgeous looks with bright makeup and fascinating hairstyle, but we must understand that many of them turn upside down after visiting stylists.

They may struggle to maintain their youthful appearance, but eventually age takes its toll and has its effect on their appearance.


Goldie Hawn

Donatella Versace

Angelina Jolie


Penelope Cruz

Gwen Stefani

Celine Dion

Nicole Kidman

Kendall Jenner

Lana del Rey

Tyra Banks

Eva Green

Jennifer Lopez

Katy Perry

Paris Hilton

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