«Thick thighs in granny pantaloons»: Paparazzi spotted rounded Johansson in a strange-looking bikini on vacation 

The hottest actress in the industry shows her rounded body in granny pantaloons 😱😳

Esteemed and world-renowned American actress S. Johansson has recently been spotted on vacation. The successful film star who was once called «the most attractive actress» has changed greatly and gained some extra kilos.

Absolutely no one can believe their eyes since Johansson looks nothing like herself. Many even joked about her strange-looking bikini adding that she accidentally put on granny pantaloons.

The scandalous paparazzi photos immediately went viral and became the main topic of heated discussions.

«How long did we sleep? I can’t believe my eyes», «How much she has gained!», «What happened to the hottest actress?».

«What unsuccessful swimwear! It emphasizes her rounded belly and big thighs».

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