«Too old to pose in mini shorts!»: Pfeiffer’s natural look with no makeup and casual clothes resulted in mixed reactions

Pfeiffer, 64, shared an «honest» pic with no cosmetics and in shorts on the yacht 🧐😲

Here is M. Pfeiffer who is best remembered for portraying a legendary superhero – the Catwoman. Believe it or not, the iconic star is already 64. It is rather hard to realize since she still looks amazing and much better than many younger stars.

She has lately delighted the fans with interesting pics from vacation showing herself by the water. She posed in ultra mini shorts and looked super attractive.

As you may see, the celebrity is entirely without makeup in these photos and seems to be dressed in casual clothes.

No single one could stay indifferent and not to leave comments under her photos from vacation. Her natural appearance quickly became the topic of public discussions.

Meanwhile, there were also some who were strongly dissatisfied with her appearance claiming that many age-related changes already appeared on her face and not only.

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