What Does the House of a Woman Who Sheltered 1,100 Cats Look Like?

This story is about a woman with a kind heart! Linea Lattanzio is a 70-year-old American who is proud to have given her entire house to homeless cats and she herself moved into a small van next to the house.

We can see what the house of a woman who has sheltered 1100 cats looks like.

It all started with the fact that in 1992 Linea, who is a veterinarian by profession, decided to take 15 cats from the shelter to her home, but she didn’t stop there.  Over time, the number of cats grew.

The woman could no longer support them all, so she sold her cars and jewelry, and then opened a shelter in her own house. Now she maintains 1,100 cats with the help of donations and volunteers who help with great enthusiasm.

It costs about a thousand dollars a month for everything the cuties need, but Linea copes with this task very well and feels happy. She has already given many of them into good hands and into good houses.

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