Someone Took a Strange Shaggy Animal to the Shelter. After the Haircut It Turned out That He Was a Cat. Fatty!

Arriving at work one morning the employees of an animal shelter in Douglas County, Nevada (USA) found a carrier on the porch. The animal rights activists have already understood that this could mean only one thing: someone brought an unfortunate animal ro the shelter and this has happened more than once. Therefore there was nothing to do and they took the carrier inside and its contents surprised them very much. Yes, there was an animal but the condition of his fur was terrible. The workers thought that it was a dog and began to take care of the beast in order to rescue him.

Now the police are looking for the man who left this little creature.

There was an extremely shaggy animal in the carrier. The workers thought that it was a dog.

But they were wrong!

A shelter employee named Liz says that the animal barely fit in the carrier. When they pulled him out and saw the muzzle everyone was very surprised. It was a cat!

The shelter employee admits that she has never seen cats in such a state. He couldn’t even move.

Veterinarians gave the cat an injection of sleeping pills after which they cut off his awful fur. There was almost 2 kilograms of wool.

This is how the cat looks now. He is about 10 years old and he received the nickname Bob Marley for his “love of dreadlocks”.

And then another problem appeared. The weight of the cat was about 10 kg (it seems that a strict diet is waiting for the cutie).

If the cat couldn’t move someone was feeding him. But everyone wondered why did someone neglect the unfortunate animal and why did he decide to get rid of him? Who was the person who threw the carrier: the owner of the cat, his friend or maybe just a kind person? Everything remains a mystery.

But Bob Marley the catty got the opportunity to walk and run. And he likes it!

And some time later he found a house and new owners. We hope that all the worst is behind him and now the cutie will be happy.

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