«Steals female hearts at his 59!»: The «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star still holds the title of one of the hottest actors

The fans have to double-check Brad Pitt’s age any time they see the hot actor 😱🤗

The ageless beauty and attractiveness of this renowned and successful actor never cease to captivate everyone. Even at 59, he wins millions of hearts and has no plans to age yet. His recent image inspired by «Disco 90s» caused a stir.

Paparazzi were lucky enough to catch the esteemed movie star in ripped jeans, a green shirt and with relatively long hair. His stylish outfit impressed everyone. Looking at this heartthrob, it becomes rather hard to believe that he is 59.

«He gets even better as the years pass!», «How can one look even hotter with years?», «Despite his age, he is still handsome and drives me crazy with his attractiveness».

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