An example of an unusual friendship: A leopard visits the cow and even sleeps with her

Unusual friendship: a leopard and a cow became friends

The leopard visits the Indian village regularly. Farmers are happy to have such a neighbourhood, as they eat field pests and also they are afraid of people. But his time, everything was different.

The people of that territory were frightened because of the frequent visits of the female and her baby. Local people wrote complaints with the highest court and they the Wild Animals Department sent a trapping specialist.

The next night a female was caught in a cage Nd was taken to the nearby forest and left alone.

A month later many complaints also began to pour in: farmers had seen a leopard near the village. They thought it was that baby leopard, that was missing.

An amazing scene happened, that left even the hunters speechless. Farmers lived in a hut on the village’s outskirts. A leopard appeared in their yard at night, maybe the one, that was bothering the local residents.

She approached the cow not to hurt, but to rub against her. Regularly the big cat cane into the yard to cuddle with the cow. And what’s amazing, that the cow didn’t show any signs of fear. She hugged the leopard and started to cuddle her, as if it was her calf.

This story has melted many hearts.

Even the other horned residents of the yard weren’t afraid of the leopard. She didn’t touch them, considering them as being inedible.

No one could explain this unusual situation. The prime minister’s wife, who raised an orphaned tiger herself explained, that she perhaps had lost a calf.

They consider each other as a family, ignoring even the fact, that they’re from different species.

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