«In the footsteps of Jolie’s daughter!»: The public appearance of Lopez’s family became the subject of discussions

Everyone is discussing Lopez’s daughter’s look with short hair and boy’s clothes 😳🧐

The recent appearance of Lopez with her family in Los Angeles raised many questions on the network. She went out with her beloved husband and kids from her previous marriage.

The public’s close attention was drawn to the unusual appearance of their heiress who, according to many, ceased to look like a girl. Some even asked whether Emma was already «he» or not.

Apart from negativity and harsh criticism, the loyal fans of the celebrity hope that the lady will soon realize what she truly wants clarifying the main aim of her life. The son’s appearance wasn’t unnoticed as well. Many sincerely admired him.

Now, it is your turn to rate the girl’s radically changed appearance. What do you think?

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