«From ugly ducklings to global icons»: What these famous people looked like as children will surprise everyone

Those who called them «ugly ducklings» had no idea they would become iconic stars 🤔😳

Many of us consider today’s show business celebrities perfect and role models not taking into account the fact that they are as ordinary people as we are. What we see on TV is sometimes not the same as in real life.

Despite the fact the entire world admires them, they have the absolute right to look unattractive from time to time and not always meet social requirements. Here is the list of popular stars who were called «ugly ducklings» as kids.

Did you recognize Hudson? What a cutie she was then!

Believe it or not, this is T. Cruise.

J. Garner

Did you recognize T. Maslany?

H. Duff

However surprising it is, this is D. Montgomery.

J. Jones

This is M. Ruffalo! Can you believe?

Meet Fergie!

Here is little D. Barrymore whom many called an ugly duckling.

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