Every Evening at 10:40 pm, the Cat Arrives at the Station and Waits for the Train … And It Has Been Doing This for a Few Years Already

Today we will share with you a story that will touch to the soul of each person who treats our smaller brothers warmly and kindly.

Our today’s story is about a cat which name is Felix. The clever creature appears at the railway station every day in the evening and waits for something. The cutie always arrives at the same time. At 10:40 pm, the catty sits on the platform and looks at everyone very carefully.

And it waits for the arrival of the certain train. It turns out that it always waits for the conductor, or more precisely, all the conductors who work on the train, because it is fed by them. Everyone knows Felix and prepares various delicious things for the little creature in advance. This has already become a kind of tradition, for a few years already.

When a picture with a cat and a guide appeared on the Social pages lots of caring people began to worry that the animal didn’t have a home. But soon there was a message in the comments from the residents of the same city, who assured that the pet is safe and it has a home. It just often goes out on its own and is looking for where to get lots of sweets.

It is such an incredibly smart cat, isn’t it! It is so interesting how it managed always to be on time for the arrival of the train?

What would you think if you saw the a cat sitting on the platform?

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