«What happened to the beautiful Princess?»: The way Middleton has changed resulted in mixed reactions

No one believed their eyes when they saw Middleton with a face of a granny with saggy skin 😱😳

According to the royal protocol; the members of the royal family are not allowed to undergo surgeries and beauty injections. Whether the Prince’s wife actually follows this rule or not has long been the subject of heated discussions.

Many strongly hold the opinion that Middleton looks completely different on social media and in real life. The most recent paparazzi photos reveal the Princess with saggy and blushed skin, lots of wrinkles and many other signs of ageing.

It is no secret that she is one of the exceptional women of our time who embrace natural ageing and accept all the related-changed.

Nevertheless, many are convinced that she has undergone some beauty procedures, including Botox and other injections.

Many highly appreciate her honesty and self-acceptance considering her a role model for millions.

The others claim that she definitely needs intervention of surgeries and injections..

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