A Kitten Who Looks Like a Panda Was Found in a Box and Now Her Prosperity Process Has Started

A couple of weeks ago a panda-colored catty was brought to animal rights activists ADAC Cerdanyola in Spain along with her two little brothers. Approximately 2-3 week old kittens were found in a box in a terrible condition. The kids needed intensive care.

They were immediately taken by the activist Melany who specializes in newborn and sickly kittens.

The box was wet and dirty and we don’t know for sure how long the cuties had been staying there before they were found,” Melany says.

Despite all the efforts to save the three kittens baby panda named Marie was the only one to survive.

After being treated Marie the catty demanded to be hugged longer after each feed and only then was she satisfied.

The girl was born with a pretty panda-like color. She has a pair of black patches around her ears and a perfect black jacket with long sleeves on her little body.

As a loner, Marie especially needed lots of attention. Having learned to use her paws she began to move out in search of new friends.

The cutie wandered around the playpen looking for someone to play with and noticing this and realizing how useful a society of peers would be for a lonely cutie Marie came up with something interesting.

During the time when Marie took care of the cutie she had just brought home another single, cutie named Kaya who also needed a friend.

The girls quickly got used to each other and became best friends. They got along so well as if they were real sisters.

The cutie was really sad after losing her brothers, until Kaya appeared. Some days later there appeared another foster catty named Koki who also joined the company in the nursery, so Marie had two new sisters,” tells Marie.

Mari even shared her favorite blanket with Koki and fell asleep next to her.

The panda kitten feels very good in this company. While the elders Kaya and Koki have already begun to run and climb training their small paws, Marie the youngest cutie remains lazy and waits for her sisters in their cozy nest.

Marie is the calmest girl I’ve ever raised and she is also impossibly flexible,” adds Marie.

Marie is completely tame. She likes to roll over and cuddle with other kittens or she can almost always be found in a pile of soft blankets. “- the shelter workers tell.

At the moment, the kitty panda is enjoying the VIP life of a pampered domestic cat. She has overcome so many difficulties im order to become healthy, happy and tame.

Whoever takes the catty home will be very lucky because she is the sweetest kitten of all times.!”- the rescuers say.

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