«The love that won all the battles!»: This is what the beautiful wife of this special guy looks like

The unique guy with special needs showed his chosen one and surprised everyone 🤔🧐

Here is Sh. Burkau who admitted that no single one believed in the sincerity of the feelings of this woman towards him.

«No one could have imagined that Hannan and I would get married. I myself doubted to the last. It seemed that Hannah would give up this idea at the last moment».

The dedicated girl takes good care of him, even brushes his teeth and feeds her loved one. She changes his clothes and gives hope every single day. In the arms of his wife, the guy feels the happiest and safest.

«I can’t make sense without Shane. He is my joy and my support», she admits.

«What is wrong with her?» «What did she find in him I wonder?», «I have never believed in the sincerity of her feelings».

«Most importantly, they are truly happy together», «Their love will win each and every battle», «I can see pure happiness in their eyes».

«We all wish you happiness and family welfare», «God blessed you two with each other».

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