Leonardo DiCaprio caught with his new sweetheart. Lovers spent their free time on a yacht

Academy Award winner Leonardo Dicaprio turned 48 this year. His love of searching young and beautiful girls didn’t stop. He prefers of being on top of the news and discussions.

So here is he with a new passion. Look please Megan Roche a 22 years old fashion model and new lover of Hollywood actors. They spent their leisure time together and looked happy and calm.

They both wear blue swimsuits and suit each other, although true and big fans of DiCaprio know that there is no long-lasting relationship for Leo. He prefers girls under the age of 25. So Megan has 3 years forward.

Some months ago there are some gossips that DiCaprio started dating Irina Sheyk, who had a daughter from the beloved and famous Bradley Cooper. But insiders told that these two are just close friends and nothing more.

The same is true for Gigi Hadid. When she met Leo at the Met Gala, then at the Oscar afterparty they spent a long time together and speak and laugh for hours. They look like too happy with each other. Anyway, fans of Gigi know that for her there is nothing more important than her daughter. This little cute is the main meaning of her life.

And finally, let’s be honest. Why would you ever Leo will start meeting women with children? When he can spend his life and time with young and carefree ones.

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