Rescued and Reborn: Inspiring Journey of Blind Pitbull Halo Restores Faith in Humanity

Her beloved thing in the world is an ice cream cone 🐶🤗

There are stories, that made us restore our faith in humanity. And one of such stories is the one from Lucky Dog Refuge.

A woman named Jessica discovered a Pittie curled up in a ball in the woods and she considered she couldn’t survive. She seemed to be very tiny, injured and needed immediate medical attention.

Jessica was able to make the puppy enter into her car with the help of some food and she and her team considered rescuing her. She was in a bad way and couldn’t trust people Jessica didn’t know what would happen with the puppy named Halo in the future.

The vet gave Halo antibiotics and after receiving them she started to show signs of recovery. She even started to eat well and gain weight from the time she was rescued.

Before the vet’s confirmation, that Halo was absolutely blind her rescuers didn’t have an idea about it. At first, it was difficult to take her for a walk, but when she started trusting people it became much more easier and joyful for the puppy.

Halo has now adapted to her new surroundings and has learned to trust the other dogs and humans. She had a very traumatic and hard life before and it was difficult for her to rebuild her life.

And also Halo has one beloved thing in the world. It is the ice cream cones from McDonald’s. And after feeling such a lot of pain she now deserves to have a happy and good life.

This story is another demonstration, that how misunderstood Pitties’ personalities are. They are very sociable and loving and they won’t be used as fighters. Pitties deserve to have a happy and free life and we are happy, that Halo finally got the life she needed.

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