«What happened to the macho?»: The way Jack Nicholson has changed let no single one stay indifferent

This is what age and dementia have done to one of the major heartthrobs 🧐😳

All of us know this prominent and successful actor whose significant contribution to the industry can hardly be overestimated. At the age of 85, the great man suffers from dementia which negatively affects his brain.

He is currently being taken care of by his daughter and son living in a big house. He makes a public appearance very rarely, but the life and appearance of the movie star is always the center of public attention.

The photographers have recently captured the seriously ill man standing on the balcony. He was looking at the birds and was enjoying the fresh air outside. His unkempt appearance left a lot to be desired.

Because of his condition, he spends most of the days completely alone and doesn’t want to see anyone, even his own children.

The fans rushed to leave comments supporting their beloved actor wishing him health and patience.

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