«No one has seen her like this!»: Hayek stopped running for eternal youth and showed her grayed hair

Hayek, who decided to embrace natural beauty, showed her gray hair and surprised the fans 😍🔥

There is, probably, no one who hasn’t been pleasantly surprised by this Mexican beauty. People never stop admiring her natural beauty claiming that she has no plans to age yet. Unlike many of her co-stars, she embraces natural ageing.

«Thank you for your honesty. We appreciate that», «She is the woman I will never stop admiring», «Wash off your face and then we will see», «Incomparably beautiful Salma», «The most beautiful actress I have ever seen».

«She has no equals!», «It’s impossible to take our eyes off this hottie», «Nature created a masterpiece», «It’s illegal to look so hot at such an age».

«No one can compare with her!», «Is there anyone who can stay indifferent towards this beauty?».

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