“The skinniest person in the 19th century”: The story of circus performer named Isaac Sprague

Circus performer Isaac Sprague was considered the skinniest man of the 19the century

Today’s standards of beauty don’t allow women to eat anything they want and they often have to go on strict diets and sweat in the gym in order to lose weight and always keep themselves fit.

A number of people simply dream of losing weight and can’t love and accept themselves because of their overweight yet, it is worth mentioning that there are also those who would undertake absolutely anything so as to gain weight.

The king of the traveling circus

Isaac Sprague was growing up an ordinary and normal person until he suddenly started to lose weight. His parents hoped that doctors could cure their poor son but, misfortunately, the medicine wasn’t so developed at that time. Without having any other choice, the guy had to eat a lot in order to keep his life energy.

Isaac would have suffered worse luck if one day he had not agreed to join the circus. The man was offered a role for a relatively big sum of money and he realized he actually didn’t have another choice.

He performed with other artists for many years. Concerning his private life, he married twice and had several heirs. The poor man couldn’t recover and gain weight. The doctors’ advice “eat more” didn’t help him at all.

The end of the story was rather sad and tragic. Isaac spent all his money on pernicious entertainment.

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