«A chocolate bar saved her life!»: The incredible makeover of this anorexic girl will leave everyone speechless

This is what saved the girl’s life who weighed 29 kilos and suffered from anorexia 👀🙌🥰

Here is A. Windley who, believe it or not, consumed only one piece of bread every five days and weighed no more than 29 kilos. However surprising it may seem, a bar of chocolate saved her whole life and this is what happened.

The whole thing is that, as a child, she faced mockery and judgement from the others for her non-standard body. She had always been slightly overweighed since birth. The hurtful words of her peers led her to limit herself in consuming food.

Soon, she was diagnosed with anorexia and even had to urgently hospitalized.

It was terrifying for her to taste and even smell any food. One day during a party someone offered her a pie, so she had to lock herself in another room as she felt sick and couldn’t stand next to any food.

One day, she couldn’t resist and ate chocolate. When she saw that she hadn’t gained weight she continued to treat herself. Now she can’t recall this without laughter as it was funny to think that a small piece of chocolate would make her gain weight.

Currently, she weighs 45 kilos and will definitely remember that terrible period till the end of her life.

She now studies, works and is even engaged in sports, more specifically in running. Anna has a boyfriend who loves her endlessly and is always there if she needs help.

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