«Isn’t it a crime to look so beautiful at 59?»: Bullock flaunted her stunningly-shaped body in a flowing dress

The fans had to double-check Bullock’s age after they saw her in paparazzi photos👀👀👀

Believe it or not, this outstanding and incredibly beautiful American actress has already turned 59. Even at such an age, she still never stops delighting the fans with her timeless beauty and attractiveness.

These days, photographers haven’t missed the chance to capture the iconic movie star on the streets of Los Angeles. She was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and was wearing a flowing floral-print dress.

When the fans look at her, it becomes hard to believe that she will soon turn 60. The actress’s flawless figure deserves our special attention too. Though she hasn’t appeared in films for already several years, she still remains the center of attention.

«How stunning she is! I can’t!», «She has no equals in the industry», «How is it possible to look so hot at 60?», «I can’t take my eyes off this beauty».

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