The joyful elephant protested against going to sleep and became an internet star

The curious elephant, that refused to go to sleep

Adults are always ready to do everything possible to go to sleep early, but kids didn’t think like us, they are ready to do everything to delay the time of sleeping.

Lately the little animal became an internet star, when he was captured protesting against going to sleep. The moment was captured by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescue group and when they shared it immediately became popular.

This amazing video captures baby elephant Kinyei, that was trying to persuade in any way her caretaker not to go to sleep. But the carer wasn’t impressed by this cute behaviour.

“Kinyei wasn’t ready to go to sleep. All her friends were already sleeping, they had their evening milk bottles. But it’s not for the little curious elephant.”


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Публикация от Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (@sheldricktrust)

The orphanage wrote, that an elephant had a very interesting life story. The driver saw a baby elephant, that was seen near a group of lions.

“She was alone and thanks to the fate now the little Kinyei is making us happy every day”.

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