«What happened to the 2000s’ iconic singer?»: The fans hardly recognized Pink in these paparazzi photos

This is what the family life and motherhood have done to the 2000s’ iconic singer👀👀👀

Her name was known worldwide and her hit songs were widely listened to back in the 2000s. Pink has always been among the celebrities who aren’t involved in show business scandals and still maintain their reputation and their fans’ respect for them.

In the prime of her drizzling career she chose the family life and dedicated herself to her husband and child. That is why her appearance has undergone noticeable changes which is completely natural and inevitable.

She has considerably gained weight and now looks far not the same as she did back in the 2000s. Some fans even didn’t recognize their favorite performer in these untouched paparazzi photos.

Pink tries to keep the balance between her career and family life still delighting her audience with new hit songs and albums. Most importantly, she has found happiness in family life.

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