A capybara who adores all animals has become an adoptive mother for different species

Sweet relationships of a capybara and other shelter animals

The capybara named Cupcake adores all the animals, puppies, chickens, ducks, ponies. The capybara is very affectionate. All of the animals, that come to the shelter immediately link with Cupcake. She adores playing with other animals and hugging them.

Cupcake was a little child when he came to the shelter. She spent all her time with different animals.

The dogs immediately befriended her and she answered them with the same love and affection they has shown to her.

She was a perfect adoptive mother. Cupcake shows her love and care towards every animal in the shelter. She is now considered to be the best friend of the eldest dogs in the shelter.

This continued until a new male capybara was brought to the shelter. Cupcake was absolutely happy to have a guy like her. As capybaras are simple animals and they like to live in groups in the wild, it is very sweet, that she has a second one. Cupcake still has time for other animals in the shelter.

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