For the sake of his beloved older brother, the pit bull learned to … howl!

Pit bulls can’t howl. Well, at least everyone thinks so. However, if you meet a good teacher, then even pit bulls will succeed! 

An eight-year-old German pointer named Gunner, seeing a pit bull puppy brought by the owners, immediately realized, that he would make friends with the baby. Little Murphy literally fell in love with his older brother, and of course began to imitate him in everything! 

 The owner of the animals, Sarah Lee says, that the pets became instantly close. Murphy considers Gunner an authority and tries to repeat everything he does. And the kid did well, until he heard the pointer howl! 

Little Murphy was taken aback. And he couldn’t repeat the same sound after his older brother. He watched Gunner very closely, turned his face from side to side and even sniffed.  

Despite the fact, that howling was not a natural skill for Murphy, he once managed to repeat the sound after his older brother. Since the, the puppies “sing” a duet.  

Gunner thought his friend not only to howl, but also to be affectionate with small children. The owners of the animals can’t get enough of her pets, and says, that the whole family unconditionally loves their dogs, even if they often make noise. 

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