«It’s cooler than designer bungalow»: what Steve Erin turned an ordinary place into amazed everyone

A circle of empty land somewhere in Thailand-here is how it all started.👀👀👀

Steve Erin thought many times about having his own place of residence. He well understood that even slavery would not help him live joyfully by his own hearth. This was the reason why he did not want to have a house in the city. He began to buy handfuls of building materials, tools and paint. And that he got as a result of this struck everyone.

The guy started his work from an empty land in Thailand.


A friend set aside a small piece of land for him at the edge of the farm and gave him some old concrete blocks.

The shape of the house is also very interesting. What the guy came up with is certainly interesting.

He bought cement, bricks and building materials and spent about $6,000 on it. And if he began to live in the USA, at home, this money was enough for only one mortgage payment.

The guy decided to paint the house orange so that it would be in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Steve spent $3,000 on the interior and communications. But when we see the result, we understand that it is worth it.

Here is an interesting bedroom of this interesting house.

And here is the housing outside after 6 weeks of work.

The guy decided to enjoy life and not live just like that.

What an interesting ladder to the roof?

Here’s the cocktail table.

And here is the place where he bathes.

The guy worked on it carefully.

In the yard there is a pond which looks very nice near the house.

And this is what the house looks like after sunset.

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