“The longest lashes in the world”: Here is the adorable child with the longest lashes on the planet

This boy’s eyelashes are the longest in the world: How does he look?

This adorable boy named Muin Bachonaev, despite being only 12, has already appeared in the Russian Book of Records.

The little cutie possesses the longest lashes on Earth the length of which is about 43 millimeters. What is more surprising, they still continue growing.

The 12-year-old boy enjoys his carefree childhood years regularly attending school and playing football. He leads a life of a totally ordinary child.

Muin is often asked to take photographs with strangers who admire the child’s beautiful lashes. There are many cases when people constantly star at him but he understands well that this all is due to his uniqueness.

Even right after his birth, the boy’s parents clearly noticed that he possessed extraordinarily long lashes. Meanwhile, the doctors convinced them that the baby was absolutely healthy and everything was in control.

There is a woman from China who actually has the longest lashes on earth and the length of them is 124 millimeters which is simply incredible.

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