«Sagging belly and a bunch of flaws»: recent photos of Jessica Alba taken by the paparazzi disappointed the fans

Paparazzi do not give rest even after childbirth. This time they took several shots of Alba, with extra pounds. We were surprised to see her transformation. Maybe she will get rid of cellulite.👀👀

We don’t often see Jessica Alba in public these days. She was a popular star. All men were in love with her beauty and women envied her because of her flawless figure. She gave birth to two children and had a beautiful figure. But when her third child was born, she gained excess weight and it was very difficult to return to her former slender figure.

However, she decided that she would achieve her goal and, thanks to her willpower, Alba began to train and was able to regain her figure. She decided to leave her acting career and focus on business and family. That’s why people rarely see her in public.

The paparazzi noticed Alba on vacation with her husband. They took a picture of her right away. Fans had a hard time recognizing Alba because they noticed the flaws in her figure. She showed sagging breasts, cellulite on her thighs in a green bikini.

Of course, she has flaws, but at 42 she still looks great. She wrote the book «Sincere Beauty», and there she told about her secrets of beauty and youth preservation. She eats only organic foods and drinks more water to keep her skin hydrated.

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