«Left the world in tears and sorrow»: Everyone was saddened by the news that Williams left us

The news that the «Once Upon a Time in America» star passed away left the world speechless 🥺😢

The tragic news of the departure of this prominent actor left everyone in tears and sorrow. He was, unfortunately, involved in a motorcycle accident and, as a result, couldn’t live anymore.

The terrible accident took place once a SUV collided with him leaving him no other way out. It is worth mentioning that the driver of the SUV didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

The highly acclaimed actor who had received several awards passed away at his 71. Another movie for which he is world-famous is «Start Over».

He was married and had two children. In recent years of his life he chose to escape Hollywood’s glamour and moved to a quiet village. However, his life there was short.

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