«Gained weight approximately 90 lbs»: fans are disappointed seeing how much Lana Del Rey has changed

It would be better not to appear in public like this!😬😱Fans criticized Lana for her transformed appearance and that she does not spend time on taking care of herself😒🙄

Lana Del Rey’s beauty has always been admired by many, but recently the paparazzi spotted her during her vacation․ Fans were shocked when they saw the big difference in her appearance.

The singer has apparently gained 90 pounds of extra weight. She is completely different from her previous look due to the extra weight. The fans were surprised and didn’t even recognize her because she didn’t look like herself at all.

Fans were worried about why she stopped paying attention to her appearance and physical well-being․ When we look at her previous photos, it’s difficult to recognize her now in this form․
There were concerns that there was some kind of health problem regarding rapid weight gain.

Lana always said that she loves to pamper herself with all kinds of food and never limits herself to different snacks, even late at night․
Many fans were disappointed with her appearance and there were even critics who criticized her for forgetting about her appearance.

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