«He’s really like a son to her»։ wrinkled Pamela Anderson made headlines when she was captured with her new husband

Double chin, noticeable tummy and unkempt appearance!😬🙄It seems that Pamela’s current body would make it difficult for her to wear swimsuit from «Baywatch» easily💔😢

Pamela Anderson won the hearts of viewers after her role in «Baywatch»․ Recently she was caught in paparazzi footage while walking with her new boyfriend․ He immediately attracted the attention of all her fans․ Despite the fact that Pamela is already 56-years-old, she has surprised fans after she married Dan Hayhurst, who is 13 years younger than her.

Anderson did not show her husband and kept him hidden from the public after the wedding. Recently, paparazzi spotted them together while walking.

Anderson wore a casual sporty look․ Apparently she didn’t pay attention to her outfit and makeup․ This of course disappointed the fans and even many did not recognize her right away․


Fans write that despite all the cosmetic and plastic interventions, she does not look perfect and has a noticeable number of wrinkles. Her double chin and drooping tummy were noticeable.

Many people advised her to exercise and lead a healthy and active lifestyle․ She always posed confidently in front of photographers with her stunning figure․ She confidently said that she could wear the same red swimsuit from «Baywatch»․ But her appearance now definitely won’t allow her to wear this swimsuit․


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