«Nobody knew about this!» Here’s who, instead of DiCaprio, should have actually played Jack from «Titanic»

No one can imagine another Jack!😮💔It turns out that before DiCaprio, another actor was chosen to play the heartthrob in «Titanic»🚢⚓However, at the casting, Leonardo surpassed the already chosen star🎥💫But find out who this actor was, in the article👇🏻

The masterpiece of our time, the film «Titanic», has become a real legend and does not lose its relevance. The film consistently remains one of the most beloved films, winning many film awards, including an Oscar. The works of the director and creator of this work, James Cameron, were appreciated by world cinema.

In particular, director James Cameron devoted a significant amount of time to the casting process for his film. Although everything went quite smoothly with the main character Kate Winslet was the only candidate for the role of Rose in Cameron’s eyes. However, the choice of the main character took a little effort. The director first chose Christian Bale. It seemed to him that the combination of two British actors would bring incredible success.

However, this is where the main difficulty arose. Jack is American and hence an American actor was required for the role. Therefore, the director decided that the role of Jack would be played by Matthew McConaughey, who expressed his readiness to collaborate with the director. However, when Leonardo DiCaprio showed up for the casting. The girls were delighted with the young actor. It was then that Cameron realized that he would play the role.

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