A traveler, who considered to take the homeless puppies on his trip

Sweet adventures of a man and two puppies 

A man named Jody considered to go on a 12 day vacation while his job was closed for the holidays. And he planned to visit three states before coming back to California.

And on the second day of his trip he saw two homeless puppies by the side of the road, that needed assistance. He wasn’t able to leave them there and considered to take them to the nearest vet clinic.

The man considered he couldn’t leave the puppies on their own and took them with him. And during the time the puppies visited three states and many national parks.

Jody named the puppies Silky and Zilo. The man considers, that these two babies are absolutely opposites, they still closely relate to each other.

The man told, that the puppies made his life better. At first he wanted to travel only by himself, but it became an adorable adventure.

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