“Aging Awfully” Hugh Laurie’s terrible appearance at only 62 years old

Hugh Laurie looks like a homeless person. 😳 Although the actor is only 62, he looks terrible in his old rags and has a messy beard. 🤢 Check out the article to see the scandalous photos of the actor and learn more about his new project. 👇

Paparazzi spotted actor Hugh Laurie walking his puppy. However, he seemed extremely unhappy.

At the premiere of his new sitcom, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?” he was dressed inappropriately. He put on a warm sweater and a cap.

The actor is famous for the TV shows “Blackadder” and “House.” Now, he is working on a piece based on Agatha Christie’s 1934 murder story.

The new series surely will be one of the best screenings of Agatha Christie’s novels.

Moreover, other well-known actors participate in the new project. Will Poulter plays the son of the priest. Frances Derwents portrays his courageous partner. These two have to discover the murder case.

In addition, Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent portray an aristocratic family.

Hugh plays psychotherapist, Dr. Nicholson.

He said he was really excited to work on that project and also mentioned that he was a fan of Agatha Christie’s works from a young age.

He says he is fortunate to play in that outstanding work and is grateful to have that opportunity.

Additionally, he mentions that he did his best to play that role and made a great effort to fit in the role.

Does the actor look good for his age? What do you think about his new project? Share your opinion in the comments.

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