Timeless Love: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ Romantic Throwback Pics Send Fans into a Frenzy

Catherine Zeta-Jones melts hearts with throwback pics of her and Michael Douglas sharing sweet kisses on Valentine’s Day! 😍💋 Fans are gushing over their timeless love! ❤️‍🔥🥰 Dive into the heartfelt celebration and leave your wishes! 🔥🤩 Witness their endless love in the article below! 👇

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones captivated her followers by sharing nostalgic throwback photos with her husband, American actor Michael Douglas, in a deeply touching Valentine’s Day homage.

The series of archival images, posted on Zeta-Jones’ Instagram, showcased the couple sharing sweet kisses and special moments together.

In a touching message, Zeta-Jones expressed her deep love and appreciation for Douglas, celebrating their enduring bond.

Fans joined in the celebration, flooding the comments with warm wishes and admiration for the couple’s lasting love and happiness.

The photos drew widespread praise, highlighting how heartwarming it is to see celebrities openly share their affection on Valentine’s Day, just like anyone else.

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