In an attempt to revive the prehistoric breed, the American raised the largest puppy in the world. A Puppy!

The little beast named Euphrates is able to scare anyone with his appearance.  An ordinary creature with its appearance and dimensions which is 80 kg of weight and almost 2 m in height.  But this is just a 9-month-old, silly and fast growing puppy.  It may luckily become the first in the revived breed of Mesopotamian Molossians, who lived in 5000 BC. Meantime it is simply the largest “puppy” in the world.

If Euphrates is delighted with you and starts wagging its tail, it is better to stay away – such a movement easily knocks a man off his feet.  He has a friend, an adult and strong female pit bull who can easily pull objects twice as heavy as itself, but it has never won a tug-of-war against a molossus.  The owner  Jared Hauser himself is a big carpenter, almost 2 m in height and over 120 kg in weight, who builds enclosures for especially large animals.

The physical indicators of the Euphrates are very difficult to assess, it is a living anomaly.  The puppy is very large and  compared to the norms he grows twice fast, which is why he never learned to control his huge body and remained a clumsy lump.   Hauser called hundreds of dog breeders, looked for advice in many kennels, but eventually managed to come to the conclusion that there are simply no such dogs on the planet today.  And almost no one believes that the Euphrates is still an overgrown silly and funny puppy.

Formally, Euphrates belongs to the American Molossian breed, but it itself is a continuous experiment, the result of object crossing of other Molossian species in order to bring out the species that is as close to the legend as possible: the Mesopotamian Molossus. These are monstrously strong and wise beasts who defended the palaces of the rulers of antiquity not only with their teeth, but with their authority and apocalyptic reputation.  “Euphratik” has every chance to become the ancestor of the renewed breed, he is still a teenager, who will grow and grow.

So far, the Hausers are raising Euphrates as a companion dog, without teaching him any fighting skills.  He is scary enough in appearance and the owner would not want to climb into the yard with a dog surrounded by special forces. Euphrates is friendly to everyone and doesn’t mind being petted, but it just doesn’t take strangers seriously.  They are just a hindrance for him, a random object.

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