The owner came home smelling of a fire – and the dog huddled in fear under the bathroom. He thought that the apartment was on fire
Ruslan’s barbeque was so  that you would just lick your fingers. Maybe it was his Caucasian roots, or maybe culinary skills. Friends and colleagues knew: if there are
The Dog Went on Foot 100 Kilometers to Return Home Finally
There was a golden retriever which was named Ping An – which translates as “alive and good” – lives in China. An impressive story happened to him recently.
A Funny Story of a Cat Who Escaped and Returned with a Note of Debt of Three Mackerels!
Pets will always be an endless source of fun and amusing stories. Last week, this happened to a charming cat from Thailand whose owner is Chang Fuak .Thanks
A Pair of Giant Rabbits Became Babysitters for a Baby
Coexistence of a newborn baby and pets under the same roof is always a dilemma for parents – how safe is it and will there be good things
A rat got stuck in a hatchway in Germany. And a whole team of firefighters came to save it!
Very often the job of rescuers is not only to save people, but also to save animals. The firefighters of the city of Bensheim were also faced with
The “no-one’s” dog ran to everyone in the yard and wagged its tail. The fact that he had been domestic for some time proved his collar and affectionate disposition
Thereafter, no one could say when and how the dog appeared in the yard. One morning he was just seen near the sandbox. He yawned and looked at
The employees hid the dog Balbes from the chief. But he ran out to the director himself during the next inspection – and conquered immediately
The branch of the advertising company was located in a very unpresentable area. That was a half-abandoned industrial area, and it was not even clear who owned garages.
A Wonderful Story from Omsk: A Feral Rabbit Saved Orphaned Puppies
Sometimes some things occur in the world that completely change our understanding of it. A bright confirmation of this has recently come from the Omsk region, where a
Photo Report from the Nursery-Garden, Where They Use an Incredibly Cute Method of Bringing Rabbits Up
There is happiness, and sometimes it simply fits in the palm of your hand. Wiggles its nose, sniffs, tickles with its touch – Blue Clover Rabbitry has developed
An American Bought a House and Found It in His Basement … a Happy Pit bull!
An American family decided to move to St. Louis and bought an old house there.  The first thing the father of the family wanted to do was to
In an attempt to revive the prehistoric breed, the American raised the largest puppy in the world. A Puppy!
The little beast named Euphrates is able to scare anyone with his appearance.  An ordinary creature with its appearance and dimensions which is 80 kg of weight and
A Cute Marriage Proposal with the Help of a Kitten
Kate Woodley and Jared Forsyth didn’t mind that the kitten had already been named Gandalf. No, really – if you take an animal from a shelter, then it