Disappointed and Amusing Doggies Who are Unhappy About Eating a Bee for the First Time
This is a topic that will be continuous, just like the youth adventures, who make the same mistakes of the previous generation unwillingly. Actually, how can the little
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There are many places in the world that can be called “magical” or unique due to the fact that there is something there that cannot be found in
In this veterinary clinic, the unwritten rules are rudely violated and all kittens are saved
Euthanasia,  is cheaper than nursing a small animal. And it’s not just about money costs – there is a human resource that is not endless. And there are
A Spooky Spider with a “wolf head” Reminded People of Where Arachnophobia Came from.
What is the scariest spider in the world?  There are, of course, many species of the.  But the correct answer from the standpoint of science is every single
There is One more Donkey in the World. The Kid was Named Zippy!
The second donkey in British history was born on October 2 at Christine Turnet’s farm in South Barrow, Somerset.  The cub was long-awaited, the owner specially invested a
I never thought that the Brabant Draft Horses could be so Elegant!
Brabant , the Belgian draft breed, was specially bred to work with heavy loads, where haste and sweeping movements are extremely inappropriate just for security reasons. And when
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During the interview, he was strictly asked about his attitude towards cats and personal space
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Almost 40% of domestic cats are overweight and something steps are need to be taken urgently!
When a person gains extra pounds, these are his problems, as he or she is an independent person. But pets are a different case! In developed countries, these
3 Reasons Why Animals Thrive in Chernobyl Zone Despite Radiation
More than thirty years have passed since the technogenic disaster at the Chernobyl NPP( nuclear power plant ). The level of radiation was destructive both for people and