Dearest little kittens are ready to grow up as compassionate Giants
This amazing cat breed is called “Maine Coon”. A cheerful, big, furry breed and their adorable look has given them a nickname as “Gentle Giant”. You might say,
This harpy eagle is so tall, that it seems, as if it is a human in a costume 
Could you imagine, that the eagle’s claw is as large as a human hand? Well, you may conclude, that the rest of the bird is actually as big
The situation has radically changed! Now people are locked in cages and the lions are investigating them freely roaming around
Nowadays, people start to perceive the vicious role of circuses and zoos and, gradually, more and more of them are strongly against those kind of amusements and entertainment
A whale, that weights 40-ton was videotaped jumping absolutely out of the water
Humpback whales are Huge. The typical weight of a totally grown whale is around 36000 kg, but it didn’t stop the enormous mammal to jump out of the
A phenomenal flamingo with black feathers was captured by a wildlife photographer in Cyprus
While flamingoes are gorgeous and charming birds mostly famous for their bright pinky skin color, this unusual one has been caught on camera in Cyprus and its unique
With the help of a wheelchair, this adorable Husky, who was regrettably born without her four legs, now freely enjoys walking
This gorgeous and delightful dog Maya was unluckily born a little distinctive compared with other dogs. She had gone through innumerable experiences and tough situations during her life
Stewardesses stop protocol during the flight to rescue dogs life
At Kingdoms there are many stories about courageous puppies, who have saved several lives, but even they sometimes need help. The French Bulldog, named Darcy wasn’t answering any
An incredible woman has taken out over 300 fishing hooks from sharks
 This fearless diver courageously enters her hand into shark’s mouth to rescue them.  This is Christina Zenato, who is famous as a world-renowned diver “shark whisperer” for her
The firefighter saved a cat during a forest fire and now it won’t quit him
 A perfect friendship!  Ryan Coleman, the Engine Captain at Fairview Valley Fire Department in California made everyone happy, when he shared his video with a cat tenacious to
A group of killer orcas let the injured whale go, that was stuck in a net
 This is an amazing video, where a class of killer orcas assists to release a crippled whale captured in a net.  The scene, that happened in Western Australia’s
An 8-Month-Old Courageous Doggy Saved the Family By Waking Them up During a Fire…
A 8-month-old doggie named Anandaveli woke up at night because of the scent of burning and saved a family of five by this. Dogs are surely considered to
A Kind Little Boy With a Cleft Lip Met an Ideal Dog at a Shelter Who Also Has a Cleft Lip…
A 2-year-old cute boy whose name is Bentley Boyers has had a cleft lip and palate since birth. When the boy’s parents decided to take him to the