This is what Alain Delon’s granddaughter Alison Le Borge now looks like

Alison Le Borge – the exact copy of her grandfather Alain Delon

A. Delon is considered to be one of the most handsome and attractive men as well as the most talented and successful actors in the entire world who, in the course of his career, starred in many romantic films. The man had an army of fans not only due to being a brilliant actor, but also in real life. Delon has four adorable children and grandchildren as well.

One of his granddaughters is Alison Le Borge. Her father is the actor Antony Delon and her mother-a professional dancer named Mary-Alan. In appearance she resembles her famous grandfather and is as attractive and charming as he was. She chose not to follow his grandfather’s career, but to specialize in modeling industry and already achieved success and world fame.

It is sometimes hard to believe that the girl comes from a celebrity’s family as she is a shy, modest and easy-going personality.

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